Uncharted Power


Team Lead


Clair Sun
Tina Chen
Jamie Ho
JY Park


4 months, 2020


smart city


Our client was Uncharted Power, an NYC-based startup building an infrastructure for renewable energy access that lives beneath the ground. Their system transmits power and allows third parties to store sensors and collect data. As they continue to improve their technology to ensure that it can scale up, it is increasingly important for them to track, monitor, and communicate the health and data within their system.

Our focus was 1. to effectively communicate system status, alerts, and sensor data to a variety of users, and 2. to imagine applications for their technology through our designs. Our research and ideation led us to design a responsive dashboard that integrates into Uncharted Power's workflow in and out of the office. This was accompanied by a style guide and dark mode samples.

Uncharted Power